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Las Joyas de la Corona, a dog kennel dedicated to the toy breeds of Yorkshire, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Bichon Maltese, Shitzu and Poodle, is a company that dog lovers are passionate about. This project was a delight for me, as I share the same passion for these adorable furry companions. Las Joyas de la Corona stands out as an official kennel with legal license, being the only authorized kennel for the sale of purebred dogs.

Perform a comprehensive work, from the creation of the logo and brand identity to the development of the ecommerce model. To ensure success, I conducted a thorough competitor analysis, a keyword study and we decided to create a dedicated page for each breed, along with the implementation of an online store. The sale is carried out in two phases, since in most cases the sale is made until a litter is available. I linked the ecommerce with WhatsApp so that interested users can send a message from the web to the kennel, getting information about the expected dates of the litter and closing the sale efficiently.


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In terms of design, we opted to move away from the ochre and earth tones traditionally associated with this type of product, choosing white as the main design element. We used orange as a highlight color, especially highlighting the images of the irresistible puppies. The home page welcomes visitors with the image of an adorable Maltese Bichon, inviting them to explore the kennel space.

All images on the website are of real dogs from the kennel, capturing the authenticity and quality of the puppies available. Since the launch of the website, the client has experienced a significant increase in calls and messages from people interested in their puppies. This approach has achieved not only commercial success but also the happiness of the adoptive families and the joy of the puppies. What more could you ask for? I am proud to enable the creation of happy bonds between new families and their adorable canine companions.

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