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My experience with Mikrobiomik began in their first steps, when they were just starting their trajectory. Today, they have evolved into a leading biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the research, development, production and commercialization of biological drugs based on the human microbiome. This pioneering company is about to set a milestone by becoming the first to market a biologic drug in Europe that targets serious diseases with no therapeutic alternative.

This project was approached as a redesign of the first website I developed for them in 2018. Five years later, we embarked on a new phase of redesign to adapt to the company’s rapid growth. Working with organizations dedicated to saving lives is a privilege, and contributing through web design is a truly enriching experience.

Mikrobiomik, in its search for stool donors for its drug, established one of the key targets of the website. Through careful design, the client was able to obtain the desired brand image and capture the stool donors needed for the development of their research. The website has a news section highlighting corporate achievements and is available in Spanish and English.






Web design and development


Branding: Maite López



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For both branding and web design, I set out to give the brand cleanliness and life. Using warm gradients and photos of patients and researchers, I managed to infuse humanity and emotion into this biopharmaceutical company’s website.

The main menu breaks with the conventional design by being distributed in the header of the home page, seeking to differentiate us from the competition and direct the user directly to the section he/she is looking for. Patients, donors, investors: a wide range of buyer personas can easily find what they are looking for just a click away.

This innovative approach seeks not only to inform, but also to connect emotionally with each segment of the audience, underlining the importance of Mikrobiomik’s work in biopharmaceutical drug research and development.

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