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Typical of this section. Greet you and tell you about me.

Shall we change the third line?

Let’s talk about you.

From what you can find in the sites that bear my name.

From your company’s website, which goes from being invisible to being a powerful channel of incoming customers who take action. Consume. They buy.

A tool bathed in strategy. In marketing. A perfect gear that turns with 3 key levers

1. Web design

Your company reflected in a smart web design that breathes strategy and tells stories. Your story. Your brand. On every page, a promise of innovation and appeal. Identity, aesthetics and functionality working hand in hand to convert visitors into customers.

2. Web development

Each project is a tailor-made suit. Without templates. Just technology and vision in perfect harmony. A customized development designed to give your company the best of the internet.

3. Web maintenance

I love the tranquility. And for me, maintenance is synonymous. Your website running smoothly. With updates. Security. A site always operational, always ready to work for you. To gain visibility and conversion.

And at the center of it all, you: the beating heart of your company. Ready to become even bigger in the digital world.
Good. Now you want to know something about me?

I will tell you something brief.

And, with all that I carry in my professional backpack, combining design and marketing was fundamental for me. Logical. Natural.

Sometimes I imagine that I cross paths with the girl I was. The one whose father took her by the hand to see the Cannes advertising awards. And, as we pass each other on one of these routes, I wink at her. And she understands everything behind it:

  • The love for advertising that sowed those awards in a cinema on Bilbao’s Gran Via, its cradle. Mine.
  • The years enjoying marketing and advertising for others.
  • The constant growth and learning to become the freelancer who today puts all that passion at your service.

Do you want that passion in your website?

The first step is to be clear about it:

Your business deserves to stand out on the web.

It doesn’t matter if you have a strong voice in your industry or if your startup is just getting started. This is your moment.
Your website should be your hallmark. The answer to your potential customers.

Contact me and initiate change

For my part, I, Elena Giral, promise to read every word you tell me. And you will have your answer in less than 72 hours.

So, take the plunge. Share with me your vision, your times, how you got here and where you want to go.

Until then, thank you. Because I am sure that, with all that, we will do something great. And the result will be great.


I work with closed budgets. Each website is a world and each client a universe.

I do not work with templates. I only develop customized projects.

Your email address is for our conversation only (no newsletters, promotions or third parties).

I could offer you a free consultation or an ebook… But no. I prefer to focus on creating an agreement that fits you like a glove to achieve your business goals.