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PAHERG (Physical Activity & Health Research Group) is a research group affiliated with the Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid. His work focuses on building scientific evidence on the benefits of physical exercise in diverse populations, with special emphasis on a line of research dedicated to pediatric and adolescent cancer. PAHERG continually seeks new ways to improve the quality of life of patients, exploring the potential of physical exercise to aid in the cure of cancer and contributing valuable knowledge in the fields of research, health and physical exercise.

In this project, we set out to move away from the conventionality of research group websites, where publications and mentions of researchers are the focus of communication. We opted for a unique perspective, putting families and cancer patients at the forefront. We seek to incorporate their testimonies, give them a voice and transmit their message of hope to other patients and the world in general. During the development of the website, there were moments that generated a deep emotional connection, hoping to have honored all the heroes, patients and researchers who work tirelessly to improve people’s lives.


Research Group of the Hospital 12 Octubre (Madrid)




Web design and development


Branding: Cristina Silverio



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Under a new brand, web design became the main support of the newly created image for PAHERG. For the branding, I had the collaboration of Cristina Silverio, who developed a distinctive graphic concept for the project. Using masses of the corporate colors, playing with positives and negatives, and moving circles, we created a design that dynamically frames the essence of the group. In the images, we place real patients and researchers at the visual center, enriching the authenticity of the brand.

The top main menu, which remains visible throughout the navigation, facilitates easy and quick exploration of the site. The home page distributes and presents the different sections of the website, creating a modern, differentiating, memorable and friendly experience. The end result is evident at a glance, reflecting PAHERG’s dedication and unique approach to its vital mission.

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