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Previseguro stands out as an insurance brokerage that acts as an intermediary and advisor, facilitating effective communication between insurance companies and their clients. Its commitment is focused on providing support and guidance to clients at all stages of the process, from the evaluation of options prior to taking out insurance to ongoing support after taking out the policy, directly impacting the well-being of individuals. This web project represents not only an online presence, but a tangible contribution to the improvement of users’ well-being.

At the heart of its business lies a customer-centric focus, reflected in the presence of a “top bar” on the website that allows users to phone directly or submit an accident report in a quick and accessible way. One of the key requirements of the project was to enable the ability for users to complete and submit the friendly vehicle accident report directly from the web, simplifying the process for customers.


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The website is structured with a mega drop-down menu that presents the different insurance categories. This design allows users to find specifically the type of insurance they are looking for by scrolling over the “Insurance” section without the need for additional clicks. In each insurance section, a “call to action” is included with a form to obtain a quote from Previseguro, providing users with quick access to personalized information.

The different insurances are also available from the footer, ensuring an intuitive and accessible navigation at all times. Each type of insurance is presented with its own icon and a photo of the ideal “buyer persona” for that insurance, adding a distinctive and personalized visual touch. The image of the home page, represented by a pile of cubes, symbolizes the diversity of options offered by the brokerage. Each insurance section is developed keeping this cube idea and includes a picture of the target audience for that type of insurance, creating a direct and personalized visual connection with users. This unique, user-centered design reflects Previseguro’s customer service philosophy.

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