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Timber Art by Woodversa emerges as a second brand specialized in high-end woods for interiors and exteriors. The project included the development of the branding, led by Cristina Silverio’s team, who not only conceptualized the organization’s culture, but also designed its image and created a showroom in Madrid as the meeting point between the brand and its clients. In addition, Bea Carrero contributed her creative vision in the writing of all the web copy. A dream team.

Our vision was to differentiate ourselves from other platforms that focus exclusively on the display of wood. With Timber Art, the goal was to convey emotions through images that highlight people, complemented with copy that highlights the emotional values of the product. An exhaustive keyword study was carried out to give each section of the website its own identity. Since its launch, the website has positioned itself as one of the main channels for brand building and has continued to generate leads on a constant basis.

The main purpose of the website was to generate personal interviews, allowing users to schedule a day and time from the platform. This strategy provides quality leads with a high interest in Timber Art products.


High-end wood flooring




Web design and development


Branding: Cristina Silverio
Copy: Beatriz Carrero



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The web design focused on the “black label” concept, using black, gold and green as the predominant corporate tones on the website. Every detail was carefully selected to convey a high-end image, from the choice of images to the presentation of information.

The site’s main call to action, “Book an appointment,” is prominently integrated throughout the navigation, serving as the central goal of the site. The result is a stylish, elegant and subtle website that faithfully reflects the values of the Timber Art brand and manages to captivate users, encouraging them to take the next step: make an appointment. This distinctive and seductive approach reflects the essence of Timber Art and makes it an effective platform for attracting high quality leads.

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