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Grupo Glass Madrid Berlanas is positioned as a benchmark in the supply of quality glass solutions for construction and architectural projects. Specializing in the manipulation and transformation of glass, they excel in everything from high-efficiency double and triple glazing to the creation of elegant and functional railings. Each project they undertake represents an opportunity to move towards a better future, where the quality of glass not only improves the aesthetics of buildings, but also contributes significantly to energy efficiency. Collaborating in this project means participating in the construction of a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

The primary objective of this project was to generate a strong brand image and increase awareness in a highly competitive market.


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In the design process, I set out to create a strong visual narrative that would highlight the practical application of his work, showing buildings constructed with glass. I opted for a visual design that overlapped planes and transparencies, conveying the essence of their work. The superimposition of windows and translucent structures gives the sensation that the planes slide over each other, highlighting the skill and versatility in the manipulation of glass by Grupo Glass Madrid Berlanas.

For the titles, I chose the Exo 2 typeface, which has a constructive character, ideal for the client’s industry. The color palette adheres to the corporate blue, to which a light background was added to bring warmth to the cold tones. This stylish and visually striking approach seeks not only to highlight the expertise and quality of Grupo Glass Madrid Berlanas, but also to reinforce the emotional connection with the audience by communicating the significant contribution of glass to a more sustainable future.

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