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Bioplus is a company specialized in professional cleaning services, ranging from offices to homeowners’ communities. To approach this project, we started with a comprehensive strategic work. The strategic sessions prior to web development were enlightening, especially when conducting a competitive study that allowed us to redefine the positioning of Bioplus. After several strategy sessions with the client, the revelation emerged that the incorporation of nanotechnology not only differentiated Bioplus from the competition, but could also be the key to the brand positioning concept. This approach was complemented by the tangibilization of an existing but unpublicized proposal: a first free cleaning.

A keyword and buyer persona profile analysis provided the keys to structure the site’s content and optimize SEO positioning. The result is a website oriented to generate quality leads, boosting the growth of Bioplus’ business.


Professional cleaning services


Community of Madrid


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In the design, we completely avoided the use of generic images related to cleaning. Instead, custom illustrations were created for each section. The illustrations were done by Oscar Fernandez of Brigaddon. Each cleaning typology was associated with a specific color that merged with the corporate blue of the Bioplus logo. White was chosen as the main color for backgrounds and combinations, adding brightness and cleanliness, fundamental characteristics in the client’s sector.

The web design is characterized by its originality and personalization, moving away from common visual conventions in the cleaning sector. This distinctive approach not only reinforces Bioplus’ identity, but also effectively communicates the innovation and quality of its services. The website thus becomes a powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers, while reflecting the company’s core values in every visual detail.

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