Diseño web para la ONG el Poder del Chándal

NGO web design



El Poder del Chándal, an NGO committed to helping the chronically ill of all ages, addressing chronic diseases, transplants and disabilities, has as its main mission to promote organ donation and encourage physical exercise. With this noble mission in mind, I approached the design of their new website with a genuine approach and from the heart. For the copys, I had the invaluable help of Bea Carrero from Hablares. Although the primary objective of the website was to obtain donations for the NGO, we always kept in mind the importance of connecting emotionally with users.

The new Power of the Tracksuit website now faithfully reflects the essence of this wonderful NGO, fully explaining all its projects. In addition, a blog and an agenda were incorporated to inform about the various actions that the association carries out continuously throughout the year.






Web design and development


Copy: Beatriz Carrero

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In the design process, I opted for a cheerful and pure color palette, which includes magenta, cyan and turquoise, accompanied by a background with a subtle cream hue that adds warmth to the whole. The choice of these colors seeks to convey vitality and optimism, aligning with the positive and hopeful nature of the NGO’s mission.

The “Collaborate” button is strategically located in a prominent place on the page and remains present throughout the navigation, giving visitors the opportunity to contribute at any time. This strategic arrangement seeks to maximize visibility and accessibility, focusing on effective recruitment of partners and donations to support El Poder del Chándal cause.

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