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Starting a web project for a company in its first steps always generates excitement. Beginnings are often challenging, and it is precisely in these moments that I find it rewarding to bring value through my design.

Wismaps is dedicated to the creation of decorative custom maps, being WhatsApp its main communication and sales channel. The purpose of the website was to provide users with an online tool to submit the necessary data for the design of their customized map. Given the complexity of the product, the website includes a WhatsApp chat that facilitates immediate connection with Wismaps.

In addition, we implemented a blog to contribute to the organic positioning of the website. The development was carried out in WordPress, allowing the client to easily manage blog posts. Prior to this, we conducted a keyword study that guided the blog’s content plan.

The web page is prepared to become a multilingual site and complies with the AA accessibility level according to the UNE-EN 301549:2022 standard.


Decorative personalized maps




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Diseño web para la home
Diseño web en móviles


I approached the design with two requirements; it had to be very clear and accessible to any type of person. The design is very clean, with white occupying most of the space. The main colors are dark red and black, accompanied by a warm range of colors used for the backgrounds.

For the typographic design we have used a mix. Contrast is the key. Combining a Serif typeface with a Sans Serif we obtain an attractive and personal result.

In terms of layout, I prioritized simplicity and intuitive navigation. Visual elements are strategically distributed to guide the user through the process of designing their personalized map and the ability to chat via WhatsApp.

Guía de estilo del diseño web
Interfaz de diseño web para pantallas de ordenador
Interfaz del diseño web para móvil
Diseño web

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